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Leucauge granulata

Fact Box
Leucauge granulata (QM)
(or L. dromedaria: see below)
Body length:
female: 11 mm
male: 8 mm
This spider makes a small orb web in spaces between garden shrubs, the web typically being slanted rather than vertical, and the spider rests under the centre of the web with its underside facing upwards.
Seems to be harmless to humans
Leucauge granulata
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View from above
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A side view
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The male
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In its web

The body and leg shapes and the silver, black and yellow markings of Leucauge females make identification of the genus relatively easy.

This species looks very similar to L. decorata but the latter species seems to be restricted to Northern Queensland whereas L. granulata's range extends down through South Queensland and into New South Wales. In addition, L. decorata has a pair of black pits at the front end of the upper abdomen but L. granulata has thes and a second pair on a 'hump' (hence the original name of L. dromedaria) about a quarter of the way along the abdomen.

Leucauge granulata is often labelled Leucauge dromedaria because of the second pair of humps on the abdomen. However, this name now appears to be doubtful because L. dromedaria is presently listed in Platnick's World Spider Catalog as a different (though perhaps very similar) species that also occurs in Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: L. decorata.

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