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Dolophones turrigera

Fact Box
Dolophones turrigera (RM)
formerly Argiopidae
Body length:
female: 8 mm
male: 4-5 mm
Wrapped around a small twig
considered to be harmless
Dolophones turrigera
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Another specimen
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The same species?
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A divided turret
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Rear view

The colour and posture of this spider provide excellent camouflage when it is resting on a dead twig. Its overall appearance is typical of all Australian Dolophones species, the abdomen characteristically resembling an inverted dish on which is a pattern of small oval discs, each with a slit or line in the middle. However, Dolophones notocantha and Dolophones turrigera are unusual in possessing a tall peak on the top of the abdomen. In the case of D. notacantha this tapers towards its tip which points slightly backwards, whereas on D. turrigera the peak is more nearly cylindrical (or sometimes bifurcated at the top). There are also differences in the position of this peak and in the shape and number of lesser humps at the rear of the abdomen, and the peak and surrounds on D. notacantha are notably paler than the rest of the spider whereas on D. turrigera the peak is the same colour as, or darker than, its surrounds.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other Dolophones species, ezpecially Dolophones notacantha.

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