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Deliochus pulcher

Fact Box
Deliochus pulcher (JS)
(See notes below)
formerly Tetragnathidae
Body length:
female: about 11 mm
male: about 5 mm
In a retreat formed by tying several green leaves together with silk
Unknown so this spider probably should be handled with caution although Deliochus species are not normally aggressive towards humans
Deliochus pulcher
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Female from above
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Another view
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Female front view
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The same species?

The correct species name for the spider shown on this page is uncertain, mainly because Deliochus pulcher was named by Rainbow in 1916 and the paper in which he described it is very difficult to access. It certainly resembles the better known Deliochus zelivera but with different colouring. To add to the uncertainty the majority of photos that are available on the internet are of a version of this species usually listed as Deliochus pulcher malanius, and this is a more strongly coloured subspecies than Deliochus pulcher as found in New Zealand.

This spider is a relative of the common leaf-curling spider, Phonognatha graeffei, but is less common. The male is much smaller than the female and has reddish stripes along the upper surfaces of the abdomen which are not present on the female. It is sometimes found within the female's retreat.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Deliochus zelivera.

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