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Iridonyssus kohouti?

Fact Box
Iridonyssus kohouti? (R. Raven)
(Note: As mentioned below this species has much in common with Poecilipta kohouti)
Body length:
female: 5 mm
male: perhaps 4 mm
This species is a very common inhabitant of leaf litter in eucalypt forests; it does not normally use an insect-trapping web, preferring to ambush its prey
This spider's fangs are probably too small to penetrate human skin
Iridonyssus kohouti?
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Female from above
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Abdominal scales
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Underneath female
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Female carapace
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Fangs, spinnerets
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Mouth, epigynum
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Leg structures

Distinguishing features of this spider are the coat of iridescent scales that covers most of its body but are particularly large on the front half of the spider. These scales are easily rubbed off. Similar iridescent scales are found on Poecilipta kohouti but the carapace of P. kohouti is more tapered at both ends and the abdomen has a distinct constriction midway along its length which the spider shown on this page lacks. For these reasons the Iridonyssus kohouti name seems more likely to be correct for the spider presented here.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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