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Venatrix brisbanae

Fact Box
Venatrix brisbanae
(or a closely related species; ID sources are shown below)
Previous species name:
Lycosa brisbanae
Body length:
female: 9 mm
male: about 7 mm
Wandering or in a shallow burrow
Uncertain; handle with caution
Venatrix brisbanae
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The female
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Underneath female
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Underneath male
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Another female?

The identity of the spider shown on this page is not really in doubt because its dorsal and ventral markings are a very good match for those shown for Venatrix brisbanae by Volker Framenau in the following website: However, the surface markings and range of Venatrix ornatula and Venatrix australiensis are quite similar to those of Venatrix brisbanae and another reason for confusion is that the markings of the male and female of V. brisbanae are notably different from one another.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other lycosids, especially Venatrix species.

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