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Brisbane brush-footed trapdoor

Fact Box
Seqocrypta jakara (QM)
(or a closely related species)
Body length:
female: 24 mm
male: about 22 mm
This species builds a broad, shallow burrow with a hidden double door, typically in forest locations; adults may wander above ground during wet periods in winter and thus venture into houses or swimming pools
Uncertain; like other members of the same family this spider may have quite toxic venom and can produce a very painful bite so it should be handled with caution
Seqocrypta jakara
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Side view
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From above
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Underneath spider
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Leg structures

Important surface features of this species are the robust legs with stiff bristles, the mottled abdomen, and the short spinnerets.

Known Range: This species is quite common in South-east Queensland and Northern NSW.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A variety of other trapdoor and false funnel-web species.

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