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Xestapsis loricata?

Fact Box
Xestapsis loricata? (QM)
(and see notes below)
previously a Gamasomorpha species
Body length:
female: about 3 mm
male: about 2 mm
Lives in leaf litter and under loose bark
Far too small to be hazardous
Xestapsis loricata?
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Its 6 eyes
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Underneath male

The spider presented on this page is considered likely to be Xestaspis loricata because it matches well the description of a spider with that name included in the following paper: Tong Y. and Li S. (2009) "Three new species and one newly recorded species of oonopid spiders (Araneae: Oonopidae) from Hainan, China" Zootaxa 2060: 22-32. It may seem strange that this paper was written by Chinese researchers but this species has allegedly be found from China through Micronesia and into Australia. The only other Xestaspis species listed in the World Spider Catalog for Australia is the Western Australian species, Xestaspis linnaei.

Significant characters possessed by this species are six large eyes, a strongly elevated carapace, prominent dorsal and ventral abdominal scutes (shell-like plates), and a dorsal abdominal surface composed of tiny pits and short hairs.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Pelicinus species and several other oonopids.

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