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Orchestina species

Fact Box
Orchestina species (QM)
(Only known Australian species: O. launcestoniensis: see below)
Body length:
female: 1-2 mm
male: probably about 1 mm
Little is known of the typical habitat used by this species except that it is often found in leaf litter and its enlarged femur on the fourth pair of legs means it can spring comparatively large distances
Unknown but appears far too small to be hazardous to humans
Orchestina species
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Underneath female

Note that this kind of oonopid lacks the prominent upper and lower scutes (tough shells) on the abdomen that a number of other Australian oonopids have. The bilaterally symmetrical pattern that can be seen on the cephalothorax in the main photo above is often present on preserved Orchestina specimens from other countries but is usually less obvious on living specimens.

The World Spider Catalog lists Orchestina launcestoniensis as the only described Australian Orchestina species but this was described by Professor VV Hickman in 1932 and it seems likely that there will be undescribed Orchestina species in other parts of Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: at least some orsolobids and other oonopids.

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