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Steatoda capensis

Fact Box
Steatoda capensis
(or a closely related species; this ID is based on similarities with the photo of S. capensis as shown on the Wikipedia website)
Body length:
female: about 7-10 mm
male: 7 mm
This spider may be found under loose eucalypt bark, particularly of eucalypts, and in leaf litter but also sometimes builds a small sloping web between the ground and the base of a tree in an open forest setting
The toxicity of the venom of this species is unknown but it has some similarities with Steatoda grossa and therefore this spider is potentially hazardous to humans
Steatoda capensis
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Female underside
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An adult male
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Nearly adult male
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Male from side
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Underneath male
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Male palps
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Male Leg IV

Note that although most theridiids have a distinctive tarsal comb on the end of Leg IV this is less true for adult males, perhaps because they have little interest in feeding. Note also that the available images labelled as Steatoda capensis suggest the surface markings of this species are quite variable.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Steatoda grossa.

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