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Tmarus cinerasceus

Fact Box
Tmarus cinerasceus (RM)
Previous species name:
Tmarus cinerascens
Body length:
female: 5 mm
male: 4 mm
In a curled green leaf retreat
May be too small to cause illness
Tmarus cinerasceus
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View from front
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Underneath female
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Another female
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Another specimen

This species has been preented on the internet as Tmarus cinerascens and even the World Spider Catalog originally listed this species name. However, it now appears that the T. cinerascens species name was an incorrect copying of the original name given to this spider. Curiously, this particular thomisid has suffered a number of other confusing name changes since it was first described. L. Koch in 1876 named it Monaeses cinerasceus but in 1911 Rainbow published in the Records of the Australian Museum a list of Australian spiders which included Tmarus cineraceus. This same spelling of the species name was also used by Ramon Mascord in his 1970 and 1980 spider booklets but other arachnologists have subsequently taken the view that since Koch's species name came first it is the one we should be using (a normal convention for the naming of spiders), although everyone was happy to leave the generic name as Tmarus rather than the one Koch originally used.

The shape of the abdomen is a useful identifying characteristic. It is also usual for the resting spider to adopt a Y shape using the front two pairs of legs.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Tmarus marmoreus and Sidymella rubrosignata.

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