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Whip spider

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Ariamnes colubrinus (RM)
(Note: This was its original name but for some years it was known as Argyrodes colubrinus; see also the photo of this species by Whyte and Anderson)
Body length:
female: 22 mm
male: 13 mm
This spider may be found suspended from twigs or leaves by a small amount of webbing or hanging on screen doors
Uncertain; probably harmless since this species has small fangs and shows no aggressive tendencies towards humans
Ariamnes colubrinus
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Immature female?
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Immature male
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Female and egg sacs
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The same species?

The long, cylindrical abdomen is the reason why this species has been given the trivial name of whip spider. Its variability in colour and shape can be seen in the photo presented in 2017 by R. Whyte and G. Anderson in "A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia", page 331.

Known range: Present in bushland from Cape York to Melbourne and also in Launceston.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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