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Argyrodes miniaceus

Fact Box
Argyrodes miniaceus
(Identification by Helen Smith, Australian Museum)
Body length:
female: 3.5 mm
male: 3.5 mm
This species is content to wander on the edge of the web of a large orb-weaver, notably Nephila plumipes, where it survives by scavenging small insects that land on the web
Unknown but this species is surely much too small to be able to cause significant illness in humans
Argyrodes miniaceus
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View from above
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Another specimen
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Side view
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Its underside

The abdomen with its a sharp peak and the tendency of the larger legs to be pointed forwards when the spider is at rest are characteristic of Argyrodes species, including this one. Also normal for this kind of spider is the practice of scavenging on the edge of the webs of large orb-weaving spider species.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Argyrodes antipodianus and Argyrodes rainbowi.

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