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Moneta variabilis

Fact Box
Moneta variabilis
(Identification as advised by Greg Anderson)
Body length:
female: About 5 mm
male: About 3 mm
This species is assumed to make a small web under green leaves
The fangs on this species may be too small to harm a human
Moneta variabilis
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In June 2016 the World Spider Catalog contained only two Moneta species: M. australis (Eastern Australia) and M. variabilis. The latter species was listed only for Lord Howe Island, but its range is probably much wider and it is therefore likely that the photos included on this page are of M. variabilis. The genera Episinus and Moneta are closely related and some species have been moved from one to the other in the recent past so the spider presented here may one day be declared to be Episinus rather than a Moneta species. It is also probable that some Australian representatives of these two genera are yet to be collected and described so the scientific name for the spider shown here as Moneta variabilis may eventually be changed yet again.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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