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Delena cancerides (RM)
formerly Heteropodidae
Body length:
female: 28 mm
male: 24 mm
Under loose bark of tree trunks but sometimes enters houses; it is usual for one adult female and many juveniles to congregate under a single piece of loose bark, most of them immediately dropping to the ground if the bark is torn from the tree trunk.
Uncertain; probably harmless
Delena cancerides
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With spiderlings
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The male
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Male, close up

Like most other huntsman spiders, this species has legs that curve forwards like those on a crab and possess obvious scopulae.

An identifying feature of this species is the plain, light brown upper body surfaces and dark legs and chelicerae though younger juveniles have a pale blue-green hue.

Known range: Recorded from Rockhampton down the east coast to Tasmania and westwards across to Geraldton.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other huntsman species.

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