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Karaops raveni

Fact Box
Karaops raveni
(This identification is based on a paper by (Crews and Harvey but in 1970 R. Mascord labelled it Selenops australiensis
Body length:
female: 7.5 mm
male: 5 mm
Normally under loose bark, especially on eucalypts; this spider's flattened body and ability to move sideways means it can hide in small crevices
Unknown but its fangs are small and the spider is expremely timid so it is unlikely to cause serious illness in humans
Karaops raveni
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Front view
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Underneath spider
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The male
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Eyes of male

Karaops species look somewhat like a huntsman spider except that they only have 6 obvious eyes in a curved row (all huntsman species have two rows of 4 eyes) and lack a scopula on the end of each leg.

Karaops raveni is a species that has been found from Central Queensland down into NSW and is recognized by the pattern of black marks on its dorsal abdomen.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many smaller or immature huntsman species.

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