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Clynotis severus

Fact Box
Clynotis severus (JS)
formerly Clynotis viduus (QM)
Body length:
female: 7 mm
male: 5 mm
This species is usually seen on the bark of eucalypt trees where its excellent camouflage colours presumably assist it while hunting
A bite from this spider may cause temporary inflammation and local pain but more serious effects are unlikely. This species is relatively slow moving with limited aggression
Clynotis severus
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View from above
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Other views
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The male
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Face view

A noteworthy feature of this salticid species is the presence of a patterned stripe of whitish hairs running the length of the body and the fluffy white brushes on its palps, which are often waved about when the spider is active.

Known range: Found over most of Australia, including Tasmania, but not often in the more arid parts of Central Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Menemerus bivittatus and a variety of other salticids.

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