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Badumna longinqua

Fact Box
Badumna longinqua (BB)
Previous species name:
Ixeuticus longinquus
formerly Amaurobiidae
Body length:
female: 14 mm
male: 11 mm
This species may occupy the same habitats as the black house spider but also is commonly found in retreats of leaves and tangled webbing in green shrubs
Uncertain; this species probably has the potential to cause mild illness but is rarely aggressive towards humans
Badumna longinqua
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The retreat
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Spider and egg sac
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Male from above
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Underneath male
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Another female
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Underneath female
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Female epigynum
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Another female

This species resembles the black house spider except that it is usually brown rather than black in colour and has more obvious surface markings on its abdomen. It appears to be much more common than the black house spider in coastal South-east Queensland.

Known Range: Found all over the greener parts of Australia, usually in garden shrubs.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Badumna insignis.

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