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Lampona bunya

Fact Box
Lampona bunya (N.I. Platnick)
(or a closely related species)
Body length:
female: 8.5 mm
male: 8 mm
Mostly found in leaf litter, or under loose bark or stones in eucalypt forests
No longer considered capable of causing necrotising arachnidism
Lampona bunya
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Another view
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Underside of spider

The identity of this spider is somewhat uncertain because of the lack of any verified photos or drawings of Lampona bunya. However, it was collected in the part of South-east Queensland where Norman Platnick stated that L. bunya can be found. In addition, Platnick's description of this species included the comment that the dorsal abdomen of L. bunya has an indistinct pattern of white transverse stripes, the anterior one being much fainter than the posterior one. The preserved spider presented above seems to have these characteristics.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many other Lampona species.

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