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Elassoctenus harpax

Fact Box
Elassoctenus harpax (QM)
(See notes below)
formerly Ctenidae then Zoridae
Body length:
female: about 9 mm
male: about 6 mm
Leaf litter or on green leaves
Unknown; handle with caution
Elassoctenus harpax

The Australian Elassoctenus species have not yet been exhaustively studied. In March 2017 only one Australian species, Elassoctenus harpax (as shown in the book by ( Framenau et al), from Western Australia was listed by the World Spider Catalog. However, several undescribed species have been found in Eastern States, including one in Victoria and the one shown on this page. Although these vary somewhat in colour they have the same rough body and leg surfaces as on E. harpax and even the distinctive white band midway along Leg III. This is strong evidence that the range of E. harpax includes Eastern Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other zorid species.

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