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Holconia insignis

Fact Box
Holconia insignis (D. Hirst)
(or a closely related but presently undescribed species: see below)
Body length:
female: about 32 mm
male: about 30 mm
This spider will probably be found under loose bark but may also be in crevices under loose stones or even in buildings
Uncertain; this is a large species but no huntsman is known to have venom that will cause serious illness in humans
Holconia insignis
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Another female

In his 1991 Holconia paper David Hirst did not include photos or drawings of any Australian species but he did present maps showing the known localities in which each described species has been found. The photos above are of specimens which were found in South-east Queensland and Hirst's maps indicate that the only Holconia species (apart from well known species such as Holconia immanis) likely to be in that part of the country is Holconia insignis. Unfortunately, this species lacks the distinctive markings of H. immanis and tends to vary somewhat in darkness and surface patterning.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other huntsman species including other Holconia species and Heteropoda jugulans.

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