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Venatrix ornatula

Fact Box
Venatrix ornatula
(as identified by Volker Framenau, the markings on the abdominal underside being diagnostic)
Previous species name:
Allocosa ornatula
Body length:
female: up to 18 mm
male: about 15 mm
A burrow but this spider often roams above ground
The toxicity of the venom of this small, fast-moving spider is unknown so it should be handled with caution
Venatrix ornatula
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Underneath female

The identity of this species is not really in doubt because its dorsal and ventral markings are a very good match for those shown by Volker Framenau in the following website: On the other hand, the specimen shown on this page was photographed in Victoria but the range of Venatrix ornatula is said to be coastal South Queensland and Northern NSW and the markings and range of Venatrix brisbanae are reasonably similar to those of Venatrix ornatula, although V. brisbanae is not believed to be present as far south as Victoria. Two other Venatrix species, V. archookoora and V. australiensis, also are quite similar in appearance to V. ornatula.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other lycosids, especially Venatrix species.

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