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Zelotes species

Fact Box
Zelotes species
(This identification is based on information as explained below)
Body length:
female: uncertain
male: about 5 mm
This is a ground-dwelling spider likely to be found on open ground or in leaf litter
This spider is probably harmless but the toxicity of its venom is unknown so handle with caution
Zelotes species
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The female?
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Another female?
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Another view
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Underneath female

The wide-set and cylindrical spinnerets on this spider clearly identify it as a member of the Family Gnaphosidae. Note that it has some similarities with most members of the Family Lamponidae but the body shape is somewhat different and the white marks on the upper surfaces of the abdomen that are typical of lamponids are not present on this spider.

The identification of the male shown on this page is based on the fact that it appears to be virtually identical to a spider in a photo included in Variety of Life (2015), the author of which is Christopher Taylor who is based in Perth. The Variety of Life image is labelled Zelotes subterraneus, which is a species described as palearctic in the World Spider Catalog. The Catalog also lists Zelotes flavens as a Western Australian species and Zelotes sarawakensis as a species found in both Borneo and Australia. The male presented above was found west of Bundaberg, Queensland, whereas the females (which may not be the same species or even the same genus) came from Central NSW.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Members of the Family Lamponidae.

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