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Cytaea alburna

Fact Box
Cytaea alburna (QM)
(but see notes below)
Body length:
female: about 6 mm
male: about 5 mm
This salticid tends to use the camouflage of flowers and green leaves with matching colours
Unknown but a bite by this spider may lead to pain and local inflammation
Cytaea alburna
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Side view
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Another specimen
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A darker version
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Side view

The spider shown above has been called Cytaea severa, but this species was originally named Plexippus severus by Thorell in 1881 then Keyserling independently named it Cytaea alburna in 1882. It certainly is not a Plexippus species and as recently as 1999 it was listed as Cytaea alburna. However, current opinion now seems to be that Cytaea plumbieventris may be the best name for at least some of the images shown on this page based on present taxonomic conventions but further reviews of this genus are presently occurring.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Several other Australian salticids.

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