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Oecobius species

Fact Box
Oecobius marathaus (?)(QM)
(formerly known as Oecobius inopinatus)
Body length:
female: 3 mm
male: 2.5 mm
In stacked timber or a tiny web in the architraves of house ceilings or along outside brickwork
This species is probably far too small to be hazardous to humans and not at all aggressive
Oecobius marathaus
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Front view
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Side view
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Its retreat

The spider on this page is shown as "Oecobius marathaus (?)" above because there is no readily available information or images to confirm the identity of this species. In Australia the only two known members of the Family Oecobiidae are Oecobius navus and Oecobius marathaus, the latter being initially named O. inopinatus in 1995. O. navus is a well known cosmopolitan species that was undoubtedly introduced into Australia when Europeans colonized this country, On the other hand, O. marathaus was thought to be endemic to Australia but now is alleged to be found in India and possibly some other countries.

Oecobiids are so small that they are often mistaken for pieces of dust. Their most distinctive characteristic is the fact that the legs tend to point forwards or sideways then curve backwards at their tips.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Oecobius navus.

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