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Ariadna dysderina

Fact Box
Ariadna dysderina (RM)
or a closely related species
Body length:
female: 12 mm
male: 10 mm
This species likes to build a retreat under rocks or logs, this having a distinctive entrance consisting of a dense collar of silk. Radiating threads support it and warn the spider of nearby insects. The burrow also has a lining of threads that run along its length
The toxicity of this spider's venom is unknown but it may cause mild illness in humans so this species should be handled with caution
Ariadna dysderina
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Oblique view
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Front view
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Spider underside
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Burrow entrance
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In its burrow
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Burrow entrance

This species mostly is uniformly dark coloured and has three pairs of legs pointing forward and the fourth pair pointing backwards. Only six eyes are present and there is a slit-like spiracle entrance just behind each book lung.

Known Range: The retreats made by this species are said to be present only in bushland around Sydney but very similar species probably have a much wider range in Eastern Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many other spider species with 'unspecialised' body shapes.

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